Book Cover Options

The Safe Money book comes with a variety of cover options for you to choose from. Select your favorite here:

Option 1 – Safe Money Black

Option 2 – Safe Money and Income

Option 3 – Retirement and Income

Option 4 – The Conservative Investor


All books have identical inside pages except for Conservative Investor.

Options 2 and 3 are available only with manager approval.  Option 4 is available to anyone.

Click to order:

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About the Book

There’s a big difference between being “close to a sale” and CLOSING the sale…

The difference is in the details.

Customized SAFE MONEY Marketing Materials Professionally Printed On Demand


SAFE MONEY is Bill Broich’s best selling guide to investing and wealth management. Over the years, Bill has perfected his winning formula to become a $100 Million Dollar plus annuity producer. Annuity professionals have turned Bill’s methodology into very lucrative careers, careers built upon the financial success of their clients.

Reading SAFE MONEY will change your clients’ lives and help secure their financial futures. This 13 chapter, 115-page book will clearly explain all of the services and solutions that YOU have to offer.


You’re a professional… Why look like an amateur?

Turn the best-selling SAFE MONEY book into your calling card.

Your NAME is printed on the cover and on the inside first page.

Your COLOR PHOTO and BIO is printed the back cover.

√ Give one to every client who attends your seminar.
√ Give one to every lead you meet with in person.
√ Encourage your clients and prospects to read SAFE MONEY and then SHARE the book with friends and family.

Turn one lead into many happy clients!

Prices: $7.50 for 50 books, $6.50 for 100 books, $6.00 for 200+

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Sample Book Pages

Here are some extracted pages from Safe Money:

Table of Contents

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Sales Kits

Sales Kits are enhanced presentation folders. Each folder has inside pockets

with business card slits as well as center “tangs” to insert 3hp client portfolio sheets.





Sales kits are available to match book orders.

Stock kit pricing:

50 stock folders = $3.40 each

100 stock folders = $2.90 each

Here are stock kit examples:








Sales Kit can be customized like Safe Money books.

Customized pricing:

With 1-pocket: $3.50 each for 100 and $4.00 each for 50.

With 2 pockets: $4.50 each for 100 and $5.00 each for 50.

Customized Example

Shipping is not included.

Click to order:

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Buy Books and Kits (folders)

Orders are simple to request and quickly fulfilled by our professional custom printing center. Please fill out the short form below and we will be in touch with a quote.

Your Name (*required)

Your Email (required)

Your Phone Number (required)

Which cover would you prefer?





Option 1Option 2Option 3Option 4

Options 2 and 3 require manager approval. Option 4 is available to anyone

Book Order

25 @ $12.00ea, 50 @ $7.50ea, 100 @ $6.50ea, 200 @ $6.00ea

The Conservative Investor book prices (option 6) are $2 more each if not a Radio Show Host or otherwise pre-approved.

Desired quantity of books

Sales Kit Order (Presentation Folders)

STOCK - 50 = $3.40 ea, 100 = $2.90 ea

CUSTOM - With 1-pocket: $3.50 each for 100 and $4.00 each for 50.

With 2 pockets: $4.50 each for 100 and $5.00 each for 50.

NOTE: Cover artwork will match book cover

Desired quantity of Sales Kits

Type StockCustom

Any other notes, including deadline for delivery

Upon receiving your inquiry, a member of our sales staff will contact you to complete your order. If you do not receive an e-mail reply in 24 hours, please call our toll free number, 888-622-3738. Thank you for your interest.

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Safe Money Thank You Cards

Safe Money Card money thankyou 3DSafe Money Card yellow 3DSafe Money Card gray thankyou Safe Money Card money safemoneyPrices are:

100 cards and matching envelopes = $75 total plus shipping
50 cards and matching envelopes = $ 45 total plus shipping

Custom imprinted cards with name and contact info
100 cards = add $30
50 cards = add $20

Custom imprinted matching envelopes with return address
100 envelopes = add $35
50 envelopes = add $25

Stock cards will ship within 1 day.  Customized cards and envelopes will ship within 4-6 days from approval of proof.

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From Anthony Owen, Co-Founder of Annuity Agents Alliance:

“When we got to our client’s door, he had the SAFE MONEY book in his hands. He said it was incredible. He read it cover to cover. When we left his house, we were holding a $425,000 check and an annuity application in our hands.”

From Jeffrey Rodd, President, CEO, Redwood Valley Interests LLC:

“The SAFE MONEY books are great looking and nice quality. I would highly recommend this to other agents to promote their business.”

From Dave Stanley, CEPP, Financial Consultant, Integrity Financial Service, LLC:

“I have had very positive feedback from everyone that I have left the SAFE MONEY book with. The books are very effective in providing great credibility in the prospective client’s eyes. The radio show and the book together set you up as the authority on safe money programs.”

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The Conservative Investor (a book for everyone)

For agents who are not hosting a radio show we now offer a customized book called “The Conservative Investor”.  It is a high quality book with 115 pages describing investment options and strategies.  Each order comes with a completely customized front, back and cover page.  It will include your name in the title and your picture with biography on the back cover.  The book dimensions are 8.5″ high and 7″ wide.


Any Agent or Radio Host are able to order this book.  The book cost is :

50 books = $9.50 each

100 books = $8.50 each

200 books = $8.00 each

If you are a Radio Host deduct $2 from the above prices.

Sample books are available.  Please call us at 1-888-622-3738 with your request.  Or email us at


Sample Pages:

Front and back cover

Cover page

Legal Information

Table of Contents








Chapter 4 sample

Chapter 5 Sample Page

Sample Page


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